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JM AGT Review from Amazon

I found this on Amazon while looking for AGT on VHS. Thats right VHS. And i had to share because, well, its pretty amazing. John & the Random Screaming Girls of Alabama, November 4, 2003 By A Customer Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?) This review is from: John Mayer - Any Given Thursday (DVD) Picture if you will a beautiful song being sung by one of the best singers/song writers to come out in the last 10 years. Just sit back and relax. Nice isn’t it? Nothing better after a long, difficult week than to … AAAAAHHHHHHHHH YEEEE HAW! What was that? Did someone in the audience sit on a duck? Back to the music … hard to believe that such a young guy can write such … YIPPIE KY YEA!!!!!!!!! OK, well may be this crowd is “excited” because this is the first and second songs on the DVD. Let’s see, track 4 … As I was saying, this is such relaxing … WE LOVE YOU JOHN!!!!!!! It is like Girls Gone Wild at a mellow concert, without the nudity. It is obnoxious and out of place. Completely expected at New Kids on the Block, N’SYNC, and Backstreet Boys concerts, rodeos, prison riots and Def Jam Comedy, but a John Mayer DVD? By this DVD and you’ll ask the question: Did the audio guy actually mic a band of underage drunken female hillbilles? It ruins the entire DVD to hear such great songs and then scream after random scream. I really wanted this DVD to be good, but please don’t do what I did; don’t by this DVD. But if you insist, I am selling mine up there in the right hand corner. Or how about this, buy John’s CD Room For Squares and for $2 a hour I will come to your house and scream at random during the songs!

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It’s day three of 2014 and I’m not feeling any less guilty about not posting some thoughts I have, so I guess that’s good enough reason to write them down and send them to you.

I guess a part of me wants to lay out some predictions for the culture-at-large, and wouldn’t that feel great for a…

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KP LV NYE 2014

Happy New Year. 




Today on HODINKEE: Mr. @johnmayer returns to talk about how great design costs just as much as poor design, and how the @bellrosswatches BR126 ended up on his wrist. (at www.hodinkee.com)


Behind the scenes pic from the #whoyoulove video, premiering this Tuesday on Good Morning America. @katyperry and I will be stopping by the GMA studios to share both the video and our foolproof Christmas morning popovers recipe.


AWWWWW Doesn’t it just make you love them more?


John Mayer signed up for Tumblr four years ago this month. For the very first time, he is turning on the “ask” feature for a brand new, live Tumblr interview series that we call Dashboard Confessions.

Follow JM, drop him some good questions, and tune into your dashboards on Friday, November 22, at 7:00pm EST to participate in the interview before he kicks off his US tour

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For the Patek Philippe completist. 5970P and Calatrava cuff links. -JM